Radial force: In physics, the radial force (or centripetal force) is the force that holds objects in orbit. Without radial force, objects wander from the orbital path and move erratically. Radial force accordingly imparts focus and direction. We give focus and direction to our companies, and through our operational approach we ensure that they remain on or rejoin the path of success.

Business model

RCP is an independent and internationally operating investment firm based in Munich. We invest in established group companies/ business units and owner-managed medium-sized companies in special situations or undergoing major transitions.

We are a committed and reliable partner, especially for corporate spin-offs and carve-outs, as well as in cases of unresolved succession and restructuring.

We invest across industry sectors but emphasise the development opportunities specific to the company in our investment decision.

We invest independently and without any time limitation. We exclusively invest our own funds and those of close private investors or family offices, who fully share our “evergreen” approach.

We are entrepreneurs and are actively involved in the operational development of our portfolio companies.